Hygiene Services

Hygenine Services

  • Grey Sanitary Bin for Commercial Bathrooms

    Sanitary Disposal Bin

    We supply sanitary disposal bins for female toilet cubicles and we service them every few weeks.

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  • Grey Nappy Disposal Bin for Commercial Bathrooms

    Nappy Disposal Bin

    We also supply a lot of nappy disposal bins to shopping centres, medical clinics, and child care centres around Melbourne.

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  • Commercial Air Freshener Dispenser

    Air Freshener

    We can keep your bathrooms smelling nice and fresh for several weeks with our Air Fresheners.

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  • Wall Mounted Soap and Foam Dispenser for Commercial Bathrooms

    Soap & Foam Dispenser

    The most common washroom product is our soap dispenser which is easy to use stylishly designed.

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  • Toilet Seat Cleaner for Commercial Toilets

    Toilet Seat Cleaners

    With our toilet seat cleaners, your customers will be able to sanitize their toilet seats before use.

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  • Mango Scent Urinal Wave Screen for Commercial Male Toilets

    Wave Urinal Screen

    Comes in 5 different scents, our wave urinal screens give out a strong & refreshing smell for male toilets.

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  • Blue Eco Fresh Toilet Bowl Clip for Commercial Bathrooms

    Toilet Bowl Clip

    Our toilet bowl clips also come in 5 different scents and are perfect for a commercial based toilet cubical.

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  • Blue Cistern Toilet Block for Commercial Toilets

    Cistern Toilet Block

    Our cistern toilet blocks will help you maintain a clean and deodorised toilet and prevent the build up of stains.

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